Chris Daras

A long time ago, Chris helped the company’s Owner, Lou Ferri, understand the fundamentals for installing and establishing a saltwater aquarium system.  Chris always made himself available for Lou whenever he had any questions or concerns about the saltwater aquarium hobby.  Whenever Lou was experiencing problems with his saltwater aquarium, Chris always had a “natural” solution.  The natural solutions ranged from the addition of “live” coral rock to the use of algae-eating surgeonfish.  Chris was extremely knowledgable about sea life and saltwater aquariums, and helped provide the foundation for Creation of the Sea’s concept.  Sadly though, Chris Daras passed away in February of 2010 – but his spirit will always be alive and well at Creation of the Sea!  Rest in peace Chris, and we pray that Heaven has provided you with beautifully colored sea life moving in blue ocean water as one of your viewing pleasures.