All-Natural Filtration Systems

Organic Saltwater Aquariums

We implement an all-natural methodology for filtering a saltwater aquarium. This methodology sustains life in our saltwater aquariums with the use of real oceanic sources and substances. Scientists believe that these substances and sources were on Earth in the beginning, and make our saltwater aquarium ecosystems “come into being”. Our filtration method is similar to other natural saltwater filtration methods being implemented today. We believe that natural filtration systems cycles (or stabilizes) a saltwater aquarium ecosystem better than most conventional filtration systems available in the aquarium industry.


**Our natural filtration system allows our saltwater aquariums to be some of the most colorful and therapeutic aquatic displays in the marketplace. It also helps teach educational subjects that range from pre-historic times to the modern era, and include Earth Science, Marine Biology, Geology, Evolutionism, and Creationism.**


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