The professional installation of a Creation of the Sea aquarium starts with the delivery. The service of delivering and placing our aquarium display is just as important as fabricating the aquarium itself. That is why we use professional moving and rigging companies, to carefully deliver and place our aquarium displays in their respective spaces. The value of our aquarium display is too high to “not” have a professional moving company deliver it, as this high-level of service will ensure a successful start to any Creation of the Sea aquarium installation. Our professional movers have the delivery resources and rigging capabilities to move any size aquarium.

Then, once our aquarium is in place at the site, the installation of our “all-natural filtration system” commences. To learn more about our methodology for naturally filtering a saltwater aquarium, please go to our All-Natural Filtration Systems web page found on our website’s Main Page.

**The photo displayed on this web page is of a 5-foot high acrylic aquarium being placed within the wall of a residential home.**