The Blueface Angelfish

The striking facial coloration makes the Blueface Angelfish one of the most coveted saltwater fish in the aquarium industry. No filter was used for this photo. What you are seeing are the true colors of this magnificent fish..

Beautiful Gorgonian

This beautiful purple Gorgonian has grown a few inches since being acclimated last year. A Gorgonian is a soft coral with small polyps and can be photosynthetic or non-photosynthetic. This particular Gorgonian is photosynthetic and is an amazing specimen in this saltwater aquarium!.

Custom Saltwater Aquarium

This beautiful custom saltwater reef aquarium was installed (and being maintained) in a high-end sneaker store. We service this reef aquarium on a biweekly basis. .

Marine Betta

A beautiful Marine Betta, or Comet, in one of our custom saltwater aquariums. The color patterns are remarkable, as it has a false "eye spot" near the tail that resembles the head of a moray eel to ward off predators..

Large Custom “See-Through” Restaurant Aquarium

This saltwater aquarium is doing well and survived the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The tank is viewable on all four sides and installed between the bar area and dining area of a seafood restaurant named American Lobster. Photos and videos of this aquarium, as well as the Lobster tank we installed (and maintain) there, can be seen on our more

Custom Saltwater Aquarium for Zen Room

We just finished installing a custom “freestanding” saltwater aquarium in a Zen room of a residential home in New Jersey. Initial fish and invertebrates have been acclimated. More photos, as well as videos, will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages soon so keep checking in to see the latest updates!.