The sea life in a saltwater aquarium is often called “living art”.  The living art in a Creation of the Sea saltwater aquarium consists of colorfully vibrant fish, invertebrates (e.g., corals and shrimp), and macroalgae.  Fish, invertebrates and macroalgae are some of the best natural filters for a saltwater aquarium, as they all play a vital role in maintaining the health of an oceanic ecosystem.  Our fish and invertebrates are some of the most interesting and beautiful animals alive, and our macroalgae are just as stunning.  To obtain marine livestock for our saltwater aquariums, we practice and support environmentally-friendly collection and breeding methods wherever and whenever possible.  Most of our fish, invertebrates, and macroalgae are sustainably harvested, aquacultured/captive bred, and maricultured.  Sustainably harvested means that the fishes and invertebrates were gathered from the sea by collectors utilizing the most environmentally-friendly methods (e.g., harvested from areas managed to maintain optimal reef health and productivity) available.  In regards to an aquacultured or maricultured livestock, agents harvest (or breed) them in aquariums and/or preserved beaches.

Also, Creation of the Sea acknowledges that there are many saltwater species, such as the Moorish Idol fish, that do not thrive well in captivity no matter how well they are harvested, acclimated and maintained in an aquarium.  Many species are extremely susceptible to disease when they are transported out of their natural oceanic habitat.  These fish and invertebrates should never be captured and transferred into an aquarium, as death is inevitable shortly after acclimation.  Creation of the Sea only supplies fish and invertebrates that are capable of surviving in a saltwater aquarium environment.