Symmetrical Portal Into A Saltwater Reef Environment

Our "all-natural, self-containing" filtration system allows us to install a custom saltwater aquarium in even the tightest of spaces! We installed this particular custom built-in saltwater aquarium in the Children's Playroom of a home in Greenwich, Connecticut. As you can see, we didn't have much room to work with, but we did maximize a saltwater aquarium display in this space the.


Custom Built-in (Picture Frame) Saltwater Aquarium

This aquarium installation was probably one of the most fun projects we have worked on to date. We installed a very large 5' high custom saltwater aquarium into the wall of a home, while having to pay very close attention to detail throughout the entire project scope! This custom built-in aquarium is located in the Dining area of the home, providing.


Saltwater Aquarium Upgrades

This photo is of a saltwater reef aquarium display that we installed in a home office, which was an upgrade from a previously installed saltwater aquarium from another aquarium company. This saltwater aquarium upgrade provided the home office with tranquility, which was the necessary component that the owner wanted in the room while he worked. Our aquarium has provided Please go.


Seahorse Aquariums

Here is a photo of H. Erectus Seahorses in one of our Seahorse Aquariums. Our Seahorses have plenty of "hitches" in their environment to cling on to, such as spiny oyster shells, coral rock, live Gorgonians and macroalgae. These glamorous "natural" hitches not only make Seahorses feel more secure in an aquarium, but helps create one of the most beautiful saltwater.


Unique Aquascapes for Saltwater Aquariums

Our saltwater aquariums are unique in many ways. It is not often that you see fish swimming through a bed of beautiful macroalgae and plants in an aquarium setting. Please contact us if you'd like for us to build a unique oceanic environment, such as the one shown in this picture, for your home or office!  

**The photo is of.


Custom See-through Saltwater Reef Aquarium in Office

Our children had loads of fun again yesterday during "Bring Your Child to Work Day". They not only enjoyed viewing some of our custom saltwater aquariums, but this year, they had a lot of fun helping us service them! They helped clean the aquarium panels and acclimate our livestock!

The tank shown in this post is a 10-foot.


Custom Reef Aquarium Built In Stone Stand

A couple of posts ago, we displayed a unique custom aquarium with a Venetian stone stand. That was when it was in the process of being installed, but now here is a photo of this beautiful "stone stand" saltwater aquarium with some life in it!.