Hydrogen – The Most Important Element in Existence

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in both the universe and on Earth. It helps make the two (2) most important bodies of water in existence: the outer ocean and the inner ocean. The outer ocean, or the sea, covers almost 70% of our planet’s surface and the inner ocean makes up almost 70% of the human body. The Power of Hydrogen, or more commonly called by its abbreviation “pH”, regulates the health of the sea and body the same exact way.

When a particular ecosystem in the sea is healthy, the pH is at an alkaline level and contains a concentration of beneficial, negatively-charged Hydrogen ions (i.e., OH-). When an ecosystem of the sea is unhealthy, the pH is at an acidic level and contains a concentration of harmful, positively-charged Hydrogen ions (i.e., H+). The sea is alkaline by design, as Nature is programmed to continuously maintain healthy oceanic environments. What causes the sea to become acidic and unhealthy you ask then? Pollution and global warming. Chemical fertilizers are prime examples of major pollutants that are acidifying our oceans, as is the abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to global warming. Man’s mismanagement of the Earth’s resources has damaged precious aquatic ecosystems around the world, compromising the health of both nature and people. Therefore, in order to keep our oceans at an alkaline state and pH balanced, it is more important than ever that we start focusing on maintaining a healthy environment by using less pollutants and reducing our carbon footprint.

Just like the sea, the human body is healthy at an alkaline pH level with OH- ions and unhealthy at an acidic pH level with H+ ions, and just like the sea, the human body is alkaline by design. What makes your body acidic and unhealthy you ask then? Diet, environment and thoughts. Acidic foods, such as red meat and pork, lower the pH of the human body to an acidic level by creating a higher concentration of H+ ions in the blood, tissues and organs. As a result, you can feel sick and/or tired. Alkaline foods, such as Broccoli and Spinach, raise the pH of the human body to an alkaline level by creating a higher concentration of OH- ions in the blood, tissues and organs. As a result, you can feel healthy and energetic. Environmental toxins, such as Xenoestrogens and heavy metals, acidify the human body as well. These kind of toxins are constantly bombarding and wreaking havoc on our bodies, as both man and machine have been producing environmental toxins on Earth since the start of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s. Amazingly enough though however, your thoughts can make your body more acidic than both environmental toxins and acidic foods combined. That’s why it is so critical for you to think positively and/or feel relaxed every day, as it helps your mind electrify your body with beneficial Hydrogen ions.

So, how can we keep our bodies alkaline and flowing with OH- ions you ask? The answer is to think healthy and eat healthy. This is difficult to accomplish for most people in today’s world, but our company provides unique products and services that can help with this feat. We can’t tell you how to produce positive/healthy thoughts and/or relax all of the time, but viewing one of our tranquil saltwater aquarium displays for at least part of your day can help relieve your stress and make your thoughts more alkaline (healthy). Most everyone becomes mesmerized and relaxed when they see a saltwater aquarium, and our saltwater aquariums, in particular, have been proclaimed to be one of the most therapeutic aquariums in the marketplace (please visit our Benefits page to learn more). We also can’t tell you how to eat and drink all of the time either, but using one or all of our natural medicinal substances for only minutes at a time each day can help purify your body and make it more alkaline (healthy). Many people have claimed to achieve better health by consuming our natural medicine and/or topically applying it on their skin, as these sea-derived substances provide or create beneficial Hydrogen for the body (please visit our Medicine page to learn more).

Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sodium are also very important elements to all living organisms on Earth, but Hydrogen is the main component of water, and water created and maintains life on the planet. Without water, life would cease to exist, and since Hydrogen regulates health in both our inner and outer oceans, many would say that Hydrogen is the most important element in existence.

**This post was written by Lou Ferri, Owner of Creation of the Sea**

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