Unique Aquascapes for Saltwater Aquariums

Our saltwater aquariums are unique in many ways. It is not often that you see fish swimming through a bed of beautiful macroalgae and plants in an aquarium setting. Please contact us if you'd like for us to build a unique oceanic environment, such as the one shown in this picture, for your home or office!  

**The photo is of.


Custom See-through Saltwater Reef Aquarium in Office

Our children had loads of fun again yesterday during "Bring Your Child to Work Day". They not only enjoyed viewing some of our custom saltwater aquariums, but this year, they had a lot of fun helping us service them! They helped clean the aquarium panels and acclimate our livestock!

The tank shown in this post is a 10-foot.


Custom Reef Aquarium Built In Stone Stand

A couple of posts ago, we displayed a unique custom aquarium with a Venetian stone stand. That was when it was in the process of being installed, but now here is a photo of this beautiful "stone stand" saltwater aquarium with some life in it!.


Custom Built-In Saltwater Aquariums

Temperatures today in northern New Jersey area are about 10 Degrees with wind chills that make it feel more like -5 Degrees, and it will be getting much colder within the next few days.

Average sea temperature at the Jersey shore right now is 40 Degrees (almost close to freezing). Today, the water temperature in one of our custom.


Furniture Top Reef Aquarium

Our Furniture Top Aquariums are the most simple and economical aquariums we install! They are easy to maintain and take up little space, while providing you with all of the same benefits of owning and/or viewing a large sized saltwater reef aquarium! It's sleek tank design, along with its vibrant and mesmerizing oceanic environment, is a must have for all of.


Custom Saltwater Aquarium with Stone Stand

We recently installed a large custom saltwater aquarium display that contains a Venetian Stone Stand. As you can see in the photo, we built a stone stand that matches the stone wall inside of our client's home in central New Jersey. The aquarium stand was made to look like an extension of the wall. Not only is this particular saltwater.


Sea Salt

Did you know? Raw and pure sea salt contains more than just sodium chloride, it also contains many of the different trace minerals (e.g., calcium, potassium and magnesium) that the body needs to stay healthy and pH balanced. Our raw Himalayan sea salt, unrefined liquid colloidal sea salt from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, raw sea salt from the Dead.