Living Filters

We use many different kinds of living filters in our saltwater aquariums to keep them clean. Some of these natural filters are invertebrates, which are not only interesting and colorful, but also fascinating to view. The invertebrate shown in this post is of an “Electric Flame Scallop” and helps keep the saltwater in our aquariums clear by feeding on micro-plankton suspended in the water column. The bright red mantel and tentacles are beautiful and cool, but the bioluminescence that can be seen in its mantel is just flat out amazing. The Electric Flame Scallop creates bright electricity that surges across its mantel like lightning bolts. Many scientists believe that these pulsating lights attract microorganisms, helping the Flame Scallop feed.

**If you look closely in the photo, you can see a Flame Scallop’s bioluminescent light in one of our saltwater aquariums.**

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