Protecting the Environment through Education

We believe that one of the benefits of owning or viewing a Creation of the Sea aquarium is helping a person understand the responsibilities for maintaining a healthy environment.  Creation of the Sea teaches people about the importance of clean water and healthy aquatic life.  Our saltwater aquarium customers, in particular, learn how pollution and man’s mismanagement of the Earth's resources have contaminated.

Calcium Carbonate

Did you know? Doctors use calcium carbonate from corals to mend broken bones. It is also used as a calcium supplement - calcium carbonate is what gives most cereals and milks their calcium content!.


Most reef-building corals contain Zooxanthellae, a photosynthetic microscopic algae, in their tissues. Zooxanthellae produce sugar for the corals from photosynthesis; in return, corals obtain the energy to build reefs. These microscopic algae are also great indicators of the ocean's health and global warming. Ocean warming is the major cause for many reefs dying around the world, as it damages and kills corals. Zooxanthellae.