It’s Megalodon…it’s a Great White…it’s a Tiger Shark…no, it’s just a little Marbled Cat Shark.

Anyone else enjoy Shark Week on Discovery Channel last week as much as us? Ok, we could’ve done without that “fake” Megalodon documentary, but we thought all of the other episodes were great! We agree with the Discovery Channel reports during Shark Week about how overfishing, shark killings, pollution and global warming are affecting the migration patterns and eating behaviors of sharks – especially Great Whites. These are the main reasons why shark attacks have been on the rise the past 10 years or so. That’s why Creation of the Sea strives to teach people about sustainably-harvested methods from the ocean and environmental protection. We do not want to contribute to already “imbalanced marine food chain”, so we only offer sharks that are sustainably-harvested and captive-bred. We provide sustainably-caught sharks such as the Leopard Shark and Epaulette Shark, and captive-bred sharks such as the Bamboo Shark, Black Banded Cat Shark, and Marbled Cat Shark (as shown in this post) for all you shark lovers out there!

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone…and for anyone going to the beach before the summer ends – watch out for sharks!

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