Flowers, Red Grapes and Mermaid Fans in the Sea?

Yes, even the ocean produces both flowery and grape-like specimens, along with some other unusual (or mythical) plants. Our aquariums not only allow one to enjoy many different species of fish and corals, but these colorful and interesting species of algae and plants as well. This particular section of one of our custom see-through saltwater reef aquariums is growing a green calcareous macroalgae with fuzzy tops, an odd-shaped plant that is commonly called (and looks like) a Mermaid’s Fan, and a beautifully bright red macroalgae with red air bladders that is often referred to as Red Grape algae.

**The white specks/particles that you see swimming around in the aquarium are small “zooplankton” animal species that are very beneficial to our saltwater aquariums. To learn more and/or to request a quote for your very own natural saltwater aquarium, please contact us at or (908) 914-7705**

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