Aquarium Cabinetry

With the exception of Furniture Top and Built-in aquariums, all Creation of the Sea aquariums can be provided with high-grade cabinetry.  Our cabinetry is built using Maple wood (best wood type for saltwater aquariums) with “environmentally-friendly” stain/paint color containing zero VOCs for our Traditional and Contemporary cabinetry designs.  We also use Maple wood to build our Faux Rock and Stone cabinetry. Our Faux Rock and Stone cabinetry is our high-end cabinetry line.  This unique line of cabinetry is built with an imitation rock salt, stone, or lava rock “environmentally-friendly” façade.  The façade contains a low VOC resin without styrene; therefore, this particular line of cabinetry is environmentally safe and non-toxic as well.  In addition to the aquarium, all cabinetry lines are custom designed by Creation of the Sea to accommodate one of the natural filtration methods used by the company to clean an aquarium.