March 3, 2016 –

We have a 110-gallon reef habitat aquarium which Creation of the Sea installed about a year and a half ago. Lou, the owner, is an expert in all aspects of aquariums. He has created a tank that is of show quality, simply stunning! The tank is all natural and very, very quiet. There is a lovely balance of color and a good variety of coral, fish, live rock, inverts, and plants. We purchased lighting which simulates the dawn/dusk/clouds/sun/lightning that is critical in replicating sea conditions. Just when we think the tank couldn’t get any better, Lou tweaks it with a new addition. Service is biweekly and pricing is very reasonable. Cost and options for a new tank are very good. Lou helps design the tank with your input. There is a selection of custom cabinetry, which I chose to do, and highly recommend and the choice of an acrylic tank versus glass tank. My guests are always in awe of this beautiful living “picture” in my office!

Mary & Wayne Pisano
Asbury, NJ