Creation of the Sea believes that saltwater aquariums are essentially “therapeutic displays” that promotes relaxation, and our saltwater aquariums, in particular, are considered by many to be the most tranquil in the marketplace. Studies and research have shown that viewing aquariums can help relieve stress and lower blood pressure, especially in the elderly.  In the APPA 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey, the foremost benefits of owning a saltwater aquarium included relaxation, stress reliever, better health for owner and family, and quietness.  According to this study, these important benefits associated with owning saltwater fish have remained the same over the past decade.  Another study conducted by the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter concluded that fish tanks lower blood pressure and heart rate. You can read more about this study here – The Telegraph Article: Fish Tanks Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

In recent years, owners of companies from many different vertical markets are passionate about having saltwater aquariums in their offices to provide their employees with a serene working environment.  Their intention is not only to alleviate stress for employees, but also to give them a more enjoyable place to conduct their work. Another nationwide survey conducted by the APPA revealed the many different health benefits associated with the presence of an aquarium in the workplace.  This particular study indicated that aquariums improve an employee’s morale and productivity.  It also stated that aquariums helped employees lower their blood pressure and stress levels, and improved their physical and emotional health.  As a result, employees that had an aquarium in their office were happier, healthier, and more motivated and productive.  One hundred (100) percent of the companies that participated in this APPA nationwide survey stated that having an aquarium in their office relaxed employees, seventy-three (73) percent reported that an aquarium in the office created a more productive working environment, and twenty-seven (27) percent reported a decreased absenteeism rate.  Relaxation, relief of stress, and tranquility are just some of the primary health benefits one can receive by owning a Creation of the Sea aquarium.

Another health benefit that a Creation of the Sea aquarium provides comes in the form of education.  A saltwater aquarium ecosystem and its inhabitants maintain great health and flourish when the pH level is between 8.2 and 8.4.  It is extremely important to maintain this pH level in a saltwater aquarium at all times, as it signifies the maturity and purity of the ecosystem.  Maintaining an alkaline pH level/value in the human body is just as important.  The same principals apply for maintaining a healthy saltwater ecosystem as they do for maintaining a healthy body, as achieving a slightly alkaline pH level/value (e.g., the ideal 7.365 level) or higher in one’s body is important for his or her optimum health.  As already stated on the Medicine web page, Creation of the Sea teaches its clients that it is very important to maintain a good quality of water, salt and minerals in both a marine environment and the human body.  Water, salt and minerals are proclaimed by Creation of the Sea and many types of doctors to be the “essentials of life”.  Without these life essentials, all life on Earth would cease to exist.  Our company uses these life essentials to help create and maintain our all-natural saltwater aquarium systems, and provide them as natural medicinal substances or alternative medicine to benefit the health of both people and animals as well.

In addition to enhancing people’s health, saltwater aquariums are very educational.  A person, especially a child, can be amazed just by exploring and learning about the oceanic environment in a Creation of the Sea aquarium.  Our aquariums, in particular, teach educational subjects that range from pre-historic times to the modern era, and include Earth Science, Marine Biology, Geology, Evolutionism, Creationism, and Environmental Protection.