Bird’s Nest Coral

Spring is here, and we can already hear birds chirping away in the trees as they begin to make new nests to replace their damaged or lost ones from the Winter…but there’s another type of bird’s nest that lasts all year round, and grows more beautiful with each passing day. We are referring to the “Bird’s Nest Coral” found throughout the reefs of the Indian and Pacific oceans. The Bird’s Nest Coral is stunning to see on a reef, but you don’t need to scuba dive or snorkel in the ocean to witness such a beautiful specimen, you can easily view or own one in a Creation of the Sea aquarium! It is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral that is found in a variety of shades of pink, and contains exquisite branches with needle-like tips. In addition to consuming Calcium, Strontium, and other trace minerals to maintain good health and its bright coloration, Bird’s Nest Corals “filter feed” on micro-plankton and other microscopic food particles in a saltwater aquarium. Not only do these particular type of corals beautify our saltwater aquariums, but they help keep them clean as well!

**The photo in this post shows a Bird’s Nest Coral in a Creation of the Sea reef aquarium**

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