Jellyfish Aquariums

In addition to saltwater Reef, Shark, and Seahorse aquariums, we install and maintain Jellyfish aquariums. The species of Jellyfish that our company provides are Cassiopeia (AKA Upside Down Jellyfish) and Aurelia Aurita (AKA Moon Jellyfish). Our natural filtration system provides a suitable environment for these particular kind of Jellyfish, as extreme care is needed to keep this delicate sea creature alive in captivity. Jellyfish are a group of animals that are categorized in the phylum Cnidaria. Cnidarians are “stinging creatures” that use nematocysts (stingers) to capture and subdue prey. The stingers that our Upside Down Jellyfish and Moon Jellies contain are mildly toxic, as humans very rarely notice the sting (we still don’t recommend sticking your hands in an aquarium containing these kinds of Jellyfish). A Jellyfish aquarium is not only fascinating and educational to view, but very therapeutic as well. The movement of Jellyfish swimming around in an aquarium can be captivating and promote relaxation. Please contact us if you are interested in installing a tranquil Jellyfish aquarium display in your home or work environment.

**The photo displayed in this post is of a large Moon Jellyfish swimming in dim light**

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