Tridacna Clams

A Tridacna clam is a beautiful addition to any saltwater reef aquarium. Many of the Tridacna clams available on the market today are either aquacultured or maricultured, which helps preserve the Tridacna clam populations in the ocean. Creation of the Sea provides aquacultured/maricultured Tridacna clams, such as the Derasa and the popular Maxima species, for all of its aquariums. The vivid colors and intricate patterns of these clams are amazing and stunning, and enhances the beauty of any saltwater reef aquarium. Please let us know if you’d like a Tridacna clam for your Creation of the Sea aquarium!

**The photo in this post shows a large Maxima Tridacna clam in a Creation of the Sea aquarium**

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