Sea Salt

Did you know? Raw and pure sea salt contains more than just sodium chloride, it also contains many of the different trace minerals (e.g., calcium, potassium and magnesium) that the body needs to stay healthy and pH balanced. Our raw Himalayan sea salt, unrefined liquid colloidal sea salt from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, raw sea salt from the Dead Sea, unrefined sea salt from Mexico and El Salvador, and organic sea salt from the coastal areas of France and Portugal contain the necessary minerals or electrolytes that the body needs to have replenished on a daily basis. They are some of the purest and healthiest sea salt products in the world, and in addition to being used in our saltwater aquariums to maintain healthy marine ecosystems; they are used for cooking, flavoring foods, bathing, and as natural remedies. As a natural remedy, pure sea salt acts as a chelating agent in the body that helps remove heavy metals and other acids (just ask us about the many different medicinal uses with pure sea salt or go to our Pure Salt web page or our Alternative Medicine Catalogue web page to learn more). Doctors such as Dr. Oz, Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Larry Cromwell, and Dr. David Brownstein believe that pure sea salt is essential for health.

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