If someone were to ask me, what was the one thing I can do to have better health, the answer would be simple – Start drinking alkalized, ionized water…even if you’re eating acidic foods. The most important thing is to start putting the electron-rich, alkaline fluids into your body so you can neutralize acids from the foods you are eating and help to maintain that alkaline design of your body.” Dr. Robert O. Young from pH Miracle, LLC

Alkaline water is considered by many doctors to be the most importance substance a person or animal can consume to achieve a healthy body, as it neutralizes acids throughout the entire body. Since acids cause disease in our bodies, we believe it would be extremely beneficial for one to consume alkaline water on a daily basis so he or she can consistently neutralize the acid concentration in their body.

Since 70% of the human body is alkaline water at 7.3 to 7.4 pH, we, along with many different types of doctors, believe that alkaline water may be the most important medicinal substance you can put into your body.  Each day, the average size person loses 2.5 liters of alkaline water from normal bodily functions.  By the time one feels thirsty, bodily damage has already occurred and he or she has become dehydrated.  The following is a list of reasons why drinking alkaline water may very well be the most important decision a person can make today for his or her health.

Water & Energy Level:  Lack of alkaline water can cause daytime fatigue.

Water & Colon Health:  Drinking alkaline water daily could decrease a person’s risk of colon cancer and/or breast cancer.

Water & Weight Loss:  Optimizing alkaline water intake allows the body to eliminate stored acidic fat.

Water & Skin:  Lack of alkaline water, along with aging, makes our skin become drier. Proper hydration is vital to keeping skin looking smooth, healthy and young.

Water & the Brain:  85% of brain tissue is alkaline water. Dehydration has been linked to depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Water & Joints:  Dehydrated cartilage increases friction forces to the joints, resulting in joint deterioration and pain.

Water & Pregnancy:  Morning sickness can be caused by or become more intense with dehydration. It’s a signal being sent by the fetus to the mother’s body that it needs more alkaline water.

Water & Blood:  Lack of alkaline water can cause a thickening of the blood, making it difficult for the heart to pump. Lack of alkaline water can also damage capillaries, making it difficult for nutrients to get to vital organs.

Water & Asthma:  Histamine levels increase with dehydration.


Many doctors, including Dr. Jamie Koufman, have concluded that alkaline water needs to have a pH of 8.0 or higher in order for this medicinal substance to effectively neutralize/eliminate acids from the body. Please read the following attachment about Dr. Koufman’s clinical study on the “benefits of drinking pH 8.8 alkaline water as an adjunct in the treatment of reflux disease”: Dr. Koufman Alkaline Water Study. As already stated in the Natural Medicinal Substances and Medicine web pages, the alkaline water that we provide to help people (and animals) achieve better health is Iceland Spring and Icelandic Glacial.  Iceland Spring and Icelandic Glacial water have the highest pH levels found in bottled spring waters in the marketplace.  Iceland Spring and Icelandic Glacial have that “doctor recommended” pH value, indicating it contains the necessary electrolytes and hydroxide ions to maintain a healthy body.  It also indicates that the water is extremely pure and does not contain the impurities, such as pesticides and heavy metals, most commonly found in the many different kinds of drinking waters used today.  Please read the following attached document about the assessment on the quality of Iceland Spring water that was conducted by Dr. Maas for an elaboration of these points: Dr Maas Assessment of Iceland Spring Water.The assessment explains how Iceland Spring water is one of the healthiest and cleanest water you can drink, and is healthier than many of the household bottled water brands we have all come to know over the years.  

By drinking Iceland Spring or Icelandic Glacial water every day, we believe one will have more energy and feel healthier!  We also recommend that animals drink it daily.  Any animal (e.g., pet dog) should become healthier when drinking alkaline water, as the alkaline water will remove acids from an animal’s body the same way it removes acids from a human’s body.

Our Iceland Spring water is sold in cases and priced as follows:

• (24) Twenty-four 0.5 liter bottle case: $26.16 ($1.09/bottle)
• (12) Twelve 1.0 liter bottle case: $23.88 ($1.99/bottle)
• (12) Twelve 1.5 liter bottle case: $26.28 ($2.19/bottle)

Our Icelandic Glacial water is sold in cases and priced as follows:

• (30) Thirty 330 milliliter bottle case: $29.70 ($0.99/bottle)
• (24) Twenty-four 0.5 liter bottle case: $30.00 ($1.19/bottle)
• (12) Twelve 1.0 liter bottle case: $27.00 ($2.25/bottle)
• (12) Twelve 1.5 liter bottle case: $28.80 ($2.40/bottle)

In comparison, the average price for premium spring water bottles (e.g., Evian) is typically about 20-40% higher in price than our Iceland Spring and Icelandic Glacial bottles.  We want to offer clean, energizing alkaline water at an affordable price…as we feel people shouldn’t have to pay a premium price for the most important substance our bodies need to live a healthy life.


We are currently offering “Free Delivery” to sites within a 15-mile radius from our company’s location, a $10 delivery charge to sites within a 15-30 mile radius from us, and a $15 delivery charge to sites within a 30-45 mile radius from us. Please call us at (908) 914-7705, and/or e-mail to learn more or place an order.