For many centuries, the powdered form of Zeolite has been used as a traditional remedy throughout Asia to promote better health and well being. Now our country is using Zeolite for that same purpose. The commercialization of Zeolite supplementation in the United States of America was originally founded and launched by a company called ZEO Health more than a decade ago. Since that time, many Americans have testified that they have obtained better health by consuming Zeolite. They have also testified that animals (e.g., dogs) have attained better health by consuming it. Zeolite is a chelating agent that safely and naturally removes heavy metals (e.g., Lead, Mercury, Arsenic), harmful toxins, allergens, viral components, and other acids from the bodies of humans and animals; as a result, it helps balance a body’s pH level. People and animals can consume Zeolite for heavy metal detoxification, maintaining good health, remedying an acute health problem, or reducing the severity of a short-term illness. There are about 40 different kinds of Zeolite minerals in the world, but only one Zeolite called Clinoptilolite is best for body detoxification. ZEO Health has access to the cleanest Clinoptilolite mine in the world, and has conducted many clinical studies of Clinoptilolite consumption by humans to ensure that it is safe and effective.

We believe that people will be amazed at the health benefits of Zeolite, and that this “non-toxic” volcanic mineral can help enhance the immune systems of people and animals! Many holistic and medical doctors are now prescribing Zeolite to their patients! In addition to being prescribed to children with autism, Zeolite is being (and “has been” for many years now) prescribed to people and animals with cancer, arthritis, and many other diseases to help them obtain better health.

The following links are some of the clinical studies that have been performed on Zeolite:

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